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NHS dental services

An NHS dental practice in Ackworth, Ryhill, Hemsworth and Wakefield

Are you searching for an NHS dentist near Pontefract?

We have NHS dental treatments available here at The Mount Dental Practice at each of our four locations:

We want to help you and your family access the services you need to enjoy optimal dental health. If you need any assistance in understanding your NHS dental treatment options, please let us know. We are happy to help you access the care that you are entitled to.

Prices of NHS dental treatment

NHS dental treatment is divided into three bands, or categories:

Band 1: £25.80

Band 1 covers a dental examination, X-rays, a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis of any oral health conditions, a treatment plan and personalised oral hygiene advice.
Urgent care is covered under Band 1, as well. If you need urgent treatment on a single day, it will be covered by this fee, but if you need future non-urgent treatment after that day, you will have to pay the relevant fee for the band that treatment falls under.

Band 2: £70.70

Band 2 treatment includes everything in Band 1 plus direct dental treatment like root canals, fillings and extractions.

Band 3: £306.80

Band 3 dental treatment covers everything in Bands 1 and 2 and any needed lab work for restorations like crowns, bridges and dentures.

Treatment covered by the NHS

Any basic dental treatment that you need to enjoy a comfortable and healthy smile is available on the NHS. Cosmetic treatments are not covered, so you will have to pay the private treatment fee if you want a service that is not covered by the NHS.

Common dental treatments under the NHS include:

What you do not have to pay for

A note on orthodontic treatment

The NHS will cover orthodontic treatment for children under the age of 18, and on a case-by-case basis for adults who need it for health reasons. However, because of high demand, there may be a long wait for you or your child to get needed orthodontic treatment on the NHS. Private orthodontic treatment is available here at The Mount and we offer flexible payment plans that can make it easier for you to pay for private treatment.

What to expect at your NHS dental appointment

When you contact us for dental treatment, let our receptionist know that you are interested in NHS treatment. Your treatment journey will start with Band 1 treatment which includes a dental examination and X-rays. During your first visit, the dentist will let you know if you have any conditions that need treatment and then recommend the appropriate treatment solutions.

Our principal dentist will make treatment recommendations based upon your unique needs and let you know what your private treatment alternatives are.

If you are interested in a private treatment like orthodontic treatment, dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, then you can schedule a free consultation to learn more before scheduling a dental exam. These dental services are not covered by the NHS.

If you need any NHS treatment and you are ready to move forward, you will pay the relevant band charge to cover the level of care you need.

Do you qualify for free NHS treatment?

NHS dental treatment is free for you if you are:

  • Under the age of 18
  • Under the age of 19 and a full-time student
  • Pregnant or have given birth within the past 12 months
  • Staying in an NHS hospital and receiving treatment from a dentist there
  • Receiving low income benefits
  • Under the age of 20 and a dependent of someone who receives low income benefits

If you qualify for free treatment on the NHS, please bring along written proof of your eligibility to show our reception team. You will need to bring your proof with you to each visit to our practice.

I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed at the Mount.
I was extremely nervous but was made to feel at ease by the lovely dental nurse (who also held my hand) and the dentist who removed my tooth. The dentist talked me through my options and then i went through with the extraction. The dentist was very skilled (Dr Sah) and ensured me that he would make the process quick. He did and it was all over in about 15 minutes. I did cry a few times as I was terrified but I felt confident in the abilities of the dentist and Nurse.
I also had some questions about the procedure beforehand and these were all answered by the staff by phoning before my appointment. I told them I was nervous and was reassured.
I am very happy with my experience. It was quick and painless and I can only apologise to the staff for when I got emotional a few times.
It makes me very thankful for the NHS that this sort of treatment can be accessed quickly and easily for low or no cost. Thank you The Mount!

coral stannard

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