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Help for nervous dental patients

Working together to conquer your fears and get you smiling again

Do you feel doomed to live in embarrassment of your own smile because you cannot set foot in a dental clinic?

Is a fear of the dentist preventing you from getting the dental care you need?
Has dental anxiety forced you to suffer with an untreated toothache?

If so, then it is time to take back control of your dental health. Our team at The Mount Dental Practice is ready to help you conquer your fears so that you can get the treatment you need to live your life to the full.

Dental solutions for dental phobics

These suggestions can help you to bravely seek the care you need despite the anxiety you may feel:

  • Seek the help of a dental practice that welcomes people with dental anxiety
  • Communicate your fears to the dental team so that everyone involved with your care is aware of your situation
  • Practice mindfulness and deep breathing to calm yourself when you feel stressed in the dental chair
  • Distract yourself during treatment by wearing earphones and listening to your favourite audiobook, music or podcast
  • Talk with your dentist to decide on a safe hand signal that you can use during treatment to show when you need a break
  • Keep visualising the way your mouth will look and feel after you finally get that treatment you need
  • Apply a few drops of a soothing essential oil to your wrists for aromatherapy
  • Hold something in your hands you can ‘fidget’ with, like a rubber ball
  • Ask your questions before your treatment starts so that you know exactly what to expect

How we can help

Here at The Mount, there are a few ways we will make your visit with us a pleasant one:

Gentle dentists

Dentists on our team have a reputation for being very gentle in their work, and for having a reassuring effect on our patients. You will feel right at ease when you meet our capable and caring dentists and dental specialists.

A welcoming environment

From the moment you walk into our practice, you will realise that you have become like family to us. Our receptionist will greet you warmly and help you settle in and attend to any concerns you may have. Everyone on our team wants you to feel right at home when you arrive so that you can feel confident and calm during your treatment.

    Local anaesthesia

    Your dentist will administer a small dose of local anaesthesia before treating your dental problem. This way, you will not feel any pain during your treatment.

    IV dental sedation

    Local anaesthesia is sufficient for most dental treatments, but you may need something stronger to help you get through something like oral surgery or wisdom tooth extraction.

    IV sedation provides you with a steady stream of dental anaesthetic to help you ‘sleep’ through your dental treatment appointment. This anaesthetic will make it seem as though your treatment lasted only a few seconds. You will rest deeply throughout the process and when you ‘wake up’, your treatment will be complete.

    We will discuss your need for dental sedation when we plan your treatment. If it is something that will benefit you, then we will refer you to a facility where you can have your treatment with sedation in a safe medical environment.

      Is there any other way that we can help you to feel comfortable in our dental clinic?

      Let us know your thoughts and ask us any questions you may have before embarking on your treatment journey.

      Call us at one of our four locations to get started:

      You can also request an appointment online, if that is easier for you.

      We look forward to working with you to conquer your dental fear!

      I can't say thank you enough. I am absolutely terrified of the dentist but after my dentist couldn't extract a tooth they referred me to the Mount. I was in and out in 20 minutes with zero pain, a whole load of compassion and a slightly less fear of the dentist... which I never thought would happen. Would use again in a heart beat

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