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Dental implants - a stronger smile within your reach

The ultimate smile solution

Treatment duration

About 4 months


  • Treatment starting from £2,010

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Get a free consultation to learn about your eligibility for dental implants

Treatment duration

About 4 months


  • Treatment starting from £2,010

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Get a free consultation to learn about your eligibility for dental implants

Dental implants at a glance

  • Available in Wakefield and Hemsworth
  • Treatment by our implant specialists
  • Free initial consultations
  • Prevent facial collapse and strengthen your bite

Our dental implant specialist

    Matthew Bullock

    Problems dental implants address

    Missing teeth

    Severely damaged teeth

    Lack of confidence

    Weak bite

    Facial collapse

    What are dental implants?

    Dental implants are revolutionary restorations because they do more than simply fill in gaps in your smile. Implants might make your smile stronger than ever before.

    Implants are metal screws that fasten to the bone in your jaw. An implant is placed in the spot where a tooth root used to be, and it provides a secure base for the restoration (dental crown) that rests on top.

    You cannot see an implant as it is hidden beneath your gums. There is a small portion that sticks out above the gumline called the abutment, but this is covered by the restoration.

    The result? A very lifelike tooth replacement that looks and feels just like a real tooth.

    If you are looking for dental implant treatment near Pontefract or Doncaster, then you have come to the right place!

    I attended here this morning for 2 extractions, staff were lovely and despite being really nervous, my experience was very positive and the dentist i saw was lovely, would recommend.

    Mandy Barraclough

    Dental implant treatment at The Mount

    The Mount is a CQC-registered dental practice, and we are more than equipped to help you have a successful dental implant treatment journey. Our practice features state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and other modern dental technology.

    We are a multi-disciplinary specialty dental practice. One of our multiple specialists is an implantologist named Dr Matthew Bullock. Dr Bullock has postgraduate certification in implant dentistry, and he shares his expertise by mentoring newer dentists in the field of dental implantology. 

    Dr Bullock has a golden reputation for helping nervous patients feel at ease in the dental chair.

    Here at The Mount, we use the Straumann and Sweden Martina brands of dental implant.

    Your treatment process

    Step 1

    You will visit us for an appointment in which our team will review your dental health and medical history and take digital X-ray images of your teeth and jaw bones. Our implant surgeon will create your bespoke treatment plan, and our treatment coordinator will answer your questions and help you schedule your treatment.


    Step 2

    We will then take 3D scans of your teeth using our state-of-the-art CBCT machine. Your implant surgeon will use these scans to determine the position of your implant and to design your implant restoration. At this point, we will also talk about the possibility of bone augmentation to create a stable foundation for your new implant.


    Step 3

    Your implant surgeon will perform the dental implant surgery. They will carefully place the implant screw into the bone beneath your gums. This part is very brief, and you will go home the same day. To help you make a quick recovery, we will provide you with medications to mitigate the minor discomfort and swelling you may experience. We will also give you post-treatment home care instructions.


    Benefits of dental implants

    Increase your confidence

    The most obvious benefit, replacing lost teeth with implants will allow you to show off your smile with pride.

    Prevent facial collapse

    Facial collapse happens when the bone in your jaw thins out over time. Tooth roots strengthen your jaw and prevent collapse, but your jaw will slowly dissolve in areas where your teeth are missing. This loss of bone can make your face look sunken and aged. Implants can stand in for your missing tooth and stimulate your jaw bone to keep it strong.

    Maintain tooth alignment

    Getting an implant will brace up the surrounding teeth and prevent them from shifting out of place.

    Look younger

    Facial collapse and gaps in your smile can make you look much older than you really are. Dental implants fill in those gaps and fill out your face, helping you to look more youthful and even reducing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Improve the health of other teeth

    Because implants can help maintain your tooth alignment, they can also positively affect the health of your other teeth. Teeth in normal alignment are easier to keep clean and thus less prone to dental disease and gingivitis.

    Minimise the need for future dental work

    Dental implants do not have to be replaced. Once you get a dental implant, it could potentially stay with you for the rest of your life, provided you take good care of it. There will be no need to repair or update it over the years, which is necessary for many other types of dental restorations.

    Enjoy a strong, secure bite

    Dental implants are extremely secure because they attach directly to the bone in your mouth and do not need to rest on your gums or on other teeth for support.

    Eat the foods you love

    With the secure support of a dental implant, you will be able to chew on any food you can imagine. You will not have to cut your food into small bites or say ‘no’ to certain items at parties. You will be able to eat anything you please with full confidence in the strength of your bite.

    After a traumatic, failed extraction with a pontefract dentist who was unable to get me numb, I was sent to the mount. Hooray! tooth is now out, no pain, professional staff, dentist was brilliant! 🤩 😁

    vicky holmes

    A comfortable dental experience with IV sedation

    Dentists at The Mount have a reputation for being very gentle in their work, and for having a reassuring effect on our patients. While local anaesthesia is usually sufficient for most dental treatments, IV sedation is available for more complex procedures such as dental implants, and to help nervous patients feel at ease.

    We will discuss your need for dental sedation when we plan your treatment.

    What is it like to have dental implants?

    You will hardly notice the difference! Once your implants have fully integrated with the bone in your mouth, they will forevermore look and feel just like natural teeth.
    Implants are not removable, so you will never have to worry about them slipping or sliding out of place. Instead, you will be able to smile, eat, laugh, sing and—yes, even sneeze—with confidence.

    Dental implants will allow you to eat all of your favourite foods because they are strong enough to handle chewy, crunchy, crisp, fibrous and sticky textures. Besides making the act of eating more enjoyable, dental implants can make it easy for you to maintain a nutritious diet, and this can have a positive impact on your overall health.

    Your oral hygiene routine will stay simple thanks to dental implants. They are just as easy to care for as natural teeth. Simply brush and floss your implants daily right along with your other teeth. If you need special tools to clean around your implant posts or dental bridges, then one of the hygiene therapists here at The Mount will happily show you which devices work best.

    In short, dental implants are very much like natural teeth. The only difference is that your implants will not have any sensation as natural teeth do. For example, you may notice a stinging sensation in your teeth when you eat hot or cold foods. This will not happen with implants because they will not be connected to your nervous system.

    Quick, comfortable and accurate dental imaging with CBCT

    At The Mount we have invested in the latest cutting-edge digital technology, including the CBCT scanner, to make your dental treatment faster and safer while ensuring a high level of accuracy. Cone Beam CT scanning, or CBCT, is a completely non-invasive, super-fast dental imaging technology that helps your dentist accurately plan your implant treatment.

    Giving a more detailed impression of your mouth than a normal X-ray, this specialist 3D scanner allows for a complete evaluation of your teeth, bone, and soft tissue. This makes it particularly helpful for planning detailed dental procedures, including dental implants.

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    Affordable, speciality dental treatments

    Dental implant treatment at The Mount starts at £2,010.

    Your total treatment cost may vary depending on factors such as:

    • The current state of health of your teeth, gums and jawbone
    • Whether you need bone augmentation to provide a sound foundation for your implant
    • The number of individual dental implants you need
    • The type of implant restoration you need

    Please see our costs page for more information.

    Dental implants in West Yorkshire

    The Mount Dental Practice offers dental implants at two locations:

    We cater for all DDU needs with ground floor accessible surgeries, disabled parking and lift access. Most of our practices have onsite car parking or are conveniently located near large public car parks.

    Alternative treatments

    Dental implants are an excellent treatment choice for most people, but they can be contraindicated in certain situations. For example, our team may recommend an alternative treatment if you have:

    If dental implants are not the solution for you, then we will recommend another treatment that will help you achieve your goals. Full and partial dentures and dental bridges are classic non-surgical alternatives to dental implants.

    Explore the possibility of dental implants

    Would you like to find out if dental implants are right for you?
    Call us at Wakefield or Hemsworth or book your free initial consultation today.

    Answers to your questions about dental implants

    • How do I care for my dental implant?

      Caring for implants is just as easy as cleaning your natural teeth. All you have to do is brush around them twice a day with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste, and floss around them once daily. Our hygiene therapists can show you the best way to clean your dental implants.

    • Can I get dental implants on the NHS?

      At present, the NHS covers dental treatments that are considered necessary, and the NHS does not view dental implants as essential to oral health. Dental implants are only available as a private dental treatment at our practice.

    • Can teenagers get dental implants?

      Dental implants are not recommended for individuals under the age of 18. This is because the bones in teenagers’ faces are still growing and shifting, and this movement can disrupt the position of an implant which is supposed to stay firmly rooted in one place. Dental implants work best when they are placed in mature jaw bones that have stopped growing

    •  Is it painful to get dental implants?

      No, the process of getting implants is not painful. In fact, you probably will not feel a thing. The surgical portion of the treatment is brief, and a little local anaesthetic to numb the site is sufficient for most people. If you prefer, our team can arrange for you to have dental sedation to soothe your anxiety.

    • Will dental implants set off airport metal detectors?

      No, you do not have to expect any trouble with airport metal detectors and scanners after you get implants. Dental implants are mainly made from titanium, a metal that is biocompatible and non-magnetic. Given their small size, titanium composition and position in your mouth, implants should not trigger metal detectors. If your implants are flagged in an airport scan, you may need to have a brief additional check with an airport security agent. However, dental implants will not prevent you from getting on an airplane.

    • Why should I replace a missing tooth with a dental implant?

      It is up to you and your dentist to decide which tooth replacement is best for you. But it is important to acknowledge the fundamental need to replace a missing tooth. If you do not fill in or bridge the gap in your smile, then the surrounding teeth can shift out of their natural alignment. This can lead to complications such as a misaligned bite, uneven enamel wear, TMJ pain, and a greater chance that you will develop gum disease or decay in those misaligned teeth.

    Excellent dental practice, everyone is always so friendly and professional.
    Mathew my dentist is always so patient and explains everything in a manner which makes you feel very reassured.
    The surgery is always beautifully clean and you can always get an appointment.

    joy mansfield

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