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Metal braces for kids and adults

Classic orthodontic treatment solutions

Treatment duration

18-24 months


  • Children’s braces (under age 18) starting at £2,250
  • Adults’ braces starting at £2,850
  • £100 for a full orthodontic evaluation

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Treatment duration

18-24 months


  • Children’s braces (under age 18) starting at £2,250
  • Adults’ braces starting at £2,850
  • £100 for a full orthodontic evaluation

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Get a free initial consultation to learn more about braces

Braces at a glance

  • Free online remote consultations available
  • Multiple options to choose from including metal, ceramic and lingual braces
  • Braces for kids and adults
  • Specialist orthodontist, Dr Dirk Schuth

Treatment with braces

Treatment with braces is a traditional and highly effective way to get straighter teeth. If you are looking for braces in Ackworth or Ryhill, then look no more — working with Trinity House Orthodontics we offer three kinds of braces to our orthodontic patients.

We are ready to help you explore your treatment options and find out which one is right for you.

Problems metal braces can address

Crooked teeth

Overlapping teeth




Open bite


Meet our specialist orthodontist Dr Dirk Schuth

Team leader and proprietor of Trinity House Orthodontics, Dr Dirk Schuth is our specialist orthodontist.

With extensive experience in orthodontic treatments, Dirk and his team have successfully transformed over 30,000 smiles in the past 25 years.

    Dr Dirk Schuth

    Metal braces

      Classic metal braces consist of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are cemented to the front of your teeth, and a metal arch wire is threaded through them. Small rubber bands are wrapped around the brackets over the wire to hold it in place. Your dentist periodically tightens the wire so that it presses on your teeth, gradually guiding them all into neat alignment.

      Metal braces are sometimes called ‘colour braces’ because the bands that hold the wire in place can be brightly coloured.

      We offer a wide selection of rubber band colour options so that you or your children can create a custom look.

      Ceramic braces

        Ceramic braces are sometimes called ‘clear braces’ because they are so discreet that they are virtually unnoticeable. The brackets are made from ceramic and the arch wire is tooth-coloured, as are the rubber bands, and this combination allows the braces to blend in with your smile.

        Lingual braces

          ‘Lingual’ is a medical term that means ‘pertaining to the tongue’. The lingual aspect of your teeth is the one that faces your tongue. Putting braces on the lingual side means that they will not show on the outside of your teeth when you smile.

          Lingual braces are a popular choice for adults who wish to hide the fact that they are receiving orthodontic treatment.

          Braces in Barnsley and Castleford

          The Mount is a multidisciplinary family-friendly dental practice that offers a variety of specialty services and orthodontic solutions to children and adults from Pontefract, Doncaster and beyond.

          Besides metal braces, we can offer you several other orthodontic services, in partnership with Trinity House Orthodontics. We can fit you for a removable orthodontic appliance, design a custom orthodontic retainer in our in-house laboratory, or create a bespoke treatment plan that incorporates braces and dental implants.

          You can also simply book a free consultation online to begin your treatment journey. During this consultation, our treatment coordinator will explain your treatment options, discuss payment plans and answer your questions.

          After that, if you are ready to move forward, the treatment coordinator will schedule a visit with our dentist who provides orthodontic treatment. This consultation costs £100 and it will include a dental examination, X-rays, dental impressions and photographs.

          As a forward-moving dental practice, we enjoy adopting technology that makes your treatment accessible and convenient, so we use secure programs to host remote consultations. You can opt to have your initial consultation with us virtually online, and we can even arrange for some of your orthodontic check-ups to be conducted remotely, as well.

          We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals with braces!

          Questions about your treatment journey

          • How do I clean around my braces?

            It is important to continue brushing and flossing your teeth as usual even after you get braces. Because braces add more surface area to your smile, however, you will need to add an extra step or two to your oral hygiene routine. In addition to brushing the front of your teeth, brush along the top side of your braces. Next, turn your brush around and clean along the underside of your braces. Clean between your teeth using an orthodontic flossing device or a water flosser.

          • Do braces hurt?

            No, it does not hurt to get braces because the brackets are applied directly to the surface of your teeth. However, you may experience some temporary discomfort when you get braces for the very first time. This discomfort fades as your mouth gets used to the metal brackets and wires.

          • What foods should I avoid while wearing braces?

            In general, you should avoid foods that are hard, crunchy, chewy or sticky. You may also have to cut your food into small bites to avoid damaging your braces when you eat. 

          • Am I too old to get braces?

            There is no age limit for getting braces or clear aligners. Both younger and older adults can experience the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

          • Why do I have to wear a retainer after my braces come off?

            Teeth are inclined to drift back into their former alignment once the braces come off. If your teeth relapse, then you may need to start orthodontic treatment all over again to correct your bite. Wearing a retainer will help you keep your teeth in their new positions after your treatment.

          Amazing dental practice. The dentist we saw with my niece is so calm and caring. Brilliant find.

          owen mckinney

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