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Dentures: give your smile a fresh start

Stable and comfortable custom-fit full and partial dentures

Treatment duration

Six weeks to three months


  • Partial dentures starting from £450
  • Full dentures starting from £850

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Treatment duration

Six weeks to three months


  • Partial dentures starting from £450
  • Full dentures starting from £850

Book a denture consultation

Request an appointment online today

Dentures at a glance

  • Partial dentures, full dentures and implant over dentures
  • Full acrylic dentures and dentures reinforced with a metal frame
  • Other denture services including tooth additions
  • Nearby parking and ground-level surgeries
  • NHS services and financing for private denture treatments

Are you ready to make your smile look whole again?

Is it time to remove those painful teeth that have plagued you for years? Are you sick of wearing false teeth that slip and slide and pinch your gums every time you speak or eat?

In other words, are you ready for a new denture?

We offer a full range of denture services here at The Mount and we are ready to help you start smiling again.

Problems dentures can address

Missing teeth

Sunken smile

Shortened facial profile

Low self-confidence

Full dentures

    You may be in need of a complete denture if you have already lost all of your natural teeth or if you anticipate having your remaining teeth extracted. We can provide you with a custom-fit complete upper and/or lower denture made from acrylic or reinforced with an inner metal frame. You also have the option of getting a few dental implants and restoring them with an implant over denture.

    Partial dentures

      A partial denture is just the thing if you are looking for a non-invasive replacement for a few teeth. We make partial dentures that are removable, yet discreet. These dental prostheses have clasps that rest on neighbouring teeth for support.

      Other denture services

        Do you need to have one or two teeth added to your current denture? We can help you with that. Need to have a clasp added to your partial denture? We can do that, too.

        Visit The Mount, your complete denture resource

        Our denture dentists have many years of prosthodontic experience and our entire team is ready to help you get a secure, comfortable and beautiful smile with dentures.

        We have four convenient locations throughout West Yorkshire where we provide denture services:

        All of our practices feature ground-floor surgeries and nearby parking and have disabled access. We provide dentures on the NHS and we also offer convenient payment plans for private denture services.

        You can contact us by calling us at any of these locations. Alternatively, request an appointment online, and our treatment coordinator will reach out to you to set up an appointment.

        Answers to your questions about dentures

        • What can I use to clean my denture?

          This depends on what your denture is made of. To be safe, use an approved denture cleaner that your dentist recommends. Avoid using other household cleaners which can cause irreversible damage to your denture. However, a mild dishwashing liquid is also usually safe on dentures. Check with your dentist before using a new cleaning agent on your denture.

        • My denture hurts. What should I do?

          Remove your denture and give it a thorough cleaning. Clean your gums and around any remaining teeth. Next, examine your mouth for signs of irritation, infection or injury. Examine your denture, too, for signs of damaged parts that may be hurting your mouth. Then contact your dentist to schedule a check-up. It may be time for a denture repair, adjustment or replacement.

        • Is it okay to sleep in dentures?

          Occasionally falling asleep in your denture will not harm you. In fact, you may sometimes choose to keep your denture in overnight because of social concerns. It is best to not let this become a habit, however, as bacteria trapped beneath your denture flourish overnight and can cause bad breath, gum infections and gum soreness.

        • Should I use a denture adhesive?

          A denture adhesive may give you some much-needed peace of mind when you are wearing a denture for the first time. However, a new denture should fit so well that you do not need any adhesive, at all. If it makes you feel more secure to wear an adhesive, then that is perfectly fine.

        • Should I get implants or a denture?

          Dental implants and traditional removable dentures each have their advantages and disadvantages. Only your dentist can tell you which treatment is right for you.

        Attended this dentist today for an extraction I was really nervous but the staff were exellent and Ted the dentist pulled the tooth quite quickly, very satisfied with my treatment. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you, thank you so much.

        pauline nothern

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